Southwest Virginia Population decline 2010-2018.

Virginia Hate Crime Laws are Not Law Enforcement

by Lewis Loflin

Summary: Virginia Attorney General Mark "Red" Herring is once again trying to foster so-called hate crime legislation on Virginia. While aimed solely at "white supremacists" is based on false-misleading information. He ignores real, widespread violence.

The Charlottesville violence was mostly perpetrated by leftwing hate groups like ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter after the mayor ordered a police stand down allowing the mayhem, just like that in San Jose, Portland, Chicago, Berkeley, etc.

These laws are too broad and should be rejected. They are notorious over unequal enforcement and tend to be aimed mostly at whites. The AP cites FBI statistics for 2017 at 7,175 for an increase of 17%. They failed to report the number of reporting agencies increased from 15,254 to 16,149 easily accounting for the increase.

Mr. "Red" Herring refuses to address Hispanic/Black gangs or political violence from organized leftwing groups - why isn't ANTIFA, BLM, etc. political violence and intimidation not addressed?

Nov. 13, 2018 the FBI reports offenders as 7,106 single-bias incidents 59.6% was race, 20.6 religion.

Of 5,084 hate crime offences 44.9% intimidation (2,283), 19.5% aggravated assault (991), 34.3% simple assault (1,744). In just Virginia blacks (2015) committed 4269 assaults - more than all national hate crime assaults combined.

Offenders 50.7% white, 21.3% black, unknown 19.1%. Yet there are no real figures on Hispanics. This is because in many states Hispanics that are counted as white in crime statistics! Our MS13 savages inflate the white crime rates.

Blacks commit hate crimes at three times the white/Hispanic rate, 4-5 times that of whites alone. Mr. "Red" Herring seems to have his priorities wrong.

Virginia (2015) Blacks commit 59% murders, 74.5% of robberies, 54.3% of assaults, and 47.7% of burglaries. Why isn't this addressed?

Virginia, Tennessee, etc. need to adopt clear offender categories for Hispanics and non-citizens. Hate crime laws are a joke and we need to address the real sources of criminal and political violence, not a few cone-heads in white robes.

Ref. Virginia Crime 2015.

Formula: Number of crimes / population * 100,000; US population 2016 about 320 million. White/Hispanic 77.35%, Black 12.3%


Whites 77.35% X 320 million = 248 million; 50.4% of 5,084 crime = 2563 crimes; 2563 / 248 million X 100,000 = 1 hate crime per 100,000.

Blacks 12.3% X 320 million = 39.4 million; 23.3% of 5,084 crimes = 1185 crimes; 1185 / 39.4 million X 100,000 = 3 hate crimes per 100,000.

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