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Black Crime Rates on Wiki

Hispanic Welfare Class Won't Vote Republican

by Lewis Loflin

The election of Donald Trump in 2016 proves pandering to Hispanics won't win races - in fact the opposite.

The loss of Mitt Romney to President Obama has sent the Republican Party into a panic. We must pander to Hispanics they say and offer them amnesty and open borders to buy their votes. This in fact has been the policy of their Wall Street masters and the Party elite all along, regardless of what the average Republican voter wants.

The real reason Mr. Romney lost is eight million fewer white voters voted in 2012 than in 2008. Why did they refuse to waste their time? Because on every important issue such as trade, immigration, and whole series of destructive economic policies there's no difference in the two parties. They differ only on social policy and wealth redistribution: Republicans to their business bosses - Democrats to low-achievers to buy their votes.

Low achieving non-Asian minorities will never vote Republican for the mere fact that they are heavy welfare users. While the initial immigrants may have some work ethics, they still overuse government programs because most are used as a low-wage serf labor class and simply qualify for the handouts. (This is in addition to pushing low-achieving blacks out of the labor market.) The Republican business bosses want the serf labor class without paying for the handouts through higher taxes.

In addition two very stupid and affluent groups will continue to vote Democrat because of leftist' sympathies - Asians and Jews. Yet they too are suffering discrimination because affirmative action racism hurts them because of economic success. Then a big part is ideology - a disdain for blue collar white America. Their achievement will taxed away and redistributed to the Democratic Party low-achiever class.

The children of this low-achieving serf labor class will be even worse as they become indoctrinated through our failed school systems into this Democratic Party racial entitlement culture. Hispanics in particular have high dropout rates, low academic and economic achievement rates, and high levels of unwed mothers. (Now over 50 percent.)

This will make Hispanics as a group highly welfare dependent for generations and thus likely to vote for whomever is offering the free stuff, which Republicans won't. In addition they will be making new demands such as higher immigration levels and more demands for family reunification. The 20 million illegal aliens in the country right now could easily swell to 60-80 million more low-achieving Third World emigrants that will drive wage scales and living standards of all Americans, in particular blacks and poor people in general, through the floor. This is in addition to bankrupting the social welfare system.

The Hispanic crime rates are four times that of whites and they are 18 times more likely to become members of violent street gangs. Even now the children of the imported Hispanic serf labor class in wealthy Northern Virginia has created a tidal wave of violent gang activity and have clogged the schools with even more low-achieving students. In a study by in 2010 they report that more than 50 percent of the child poverty in Northern Virginia are families of "immigrants".

Hispanics at 20.3 percent of the school enrollment are 50 percent of the dropouts, while non-whites in general are 80 percent of the dropouts. To quote,

Overall, 8.3% of students in the State of Virginia drop out of high school. Four northern Virginia jurisdictions exceed the statewide rate, including the City of Alexandria (10.6%), Arlington County (9.4%), Manassas City (14.8%), and Prince William County (9.4%).

High school dropout rates in Northern Virginia are disproportionately high among Hispanic and black high school populations. Region-wide, nearly half of all dropouts are Hispanic and about one-fifth of all dropouts are black.

As if this wasn't bad enough there will be further pressure to enforce more race quotas and set-asides for low achieving non-Asian minorities in general. Our insidious system of racial preferences already plagues higher education. Set asides for undeserving, low-achieving non-Asian minorities comes at the expense of higher achieving whites and Asians. This will simply create more social tension and poor racial relations. The simple fact is that stealing from one group to give to another is still theft regardless of the reason why.

The fact is there is no labor shortage in the United States, in fact there is a severe labor surplus in many job occupations. Business wants a cheap serf labor class to boost profits and to shift many of their costs onto society. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics of the top 20 occupations that will experience the highest growth rates through 2020, 18 pay at or little above minimum wage.

Those that will be hurt the worst are mainly African-Americans. Their even lower academic and economic achievement rates combined with being simply displaced from the workforce by immigrants will assure continued destitution and welfare dependency. Immigrants legal and illegal have displaced blacks totally out of the workforce in so-called 'sanctuary' cities where police are ordered not to enforce immigration laws.

While those affluent members of society seem willing to pay whatever welfare costs to quell unrest, there is an equal unwillingness to change the system to give black Americans true opportunity and a just shot at a better life. Better being trapped terminally on the welfare plantation than raising wages for poor black people. banner.

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