Killer of Kimberly Cates Quinn Glover, Steven Spader, William Marks.

Four White Teens Kill Mother, Injure Child

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Here is a another senseless crime this time by four white teenagers in Mont Vernon, New Hampshire. 42-year-old Kimberly Cates was hacked and stabbed to death in her bed. Then attacked her 11-year-old daughter Jamie who is expected to live. Her father came back to New Hampshire to take her out of state.

Her husband was out of town on a business trip. Mont Vernon is a rural town of 2000 residents and the weapons used was not a gun, but a machete and a knife and this was like the Emily Haddock case a random killing. So much for gun control.

From what little I know of this case again drugs may have been involved and the culprits had a prior criminal history. To quote 10/7/09 on this case:

Steven Spader, 17, and Christopher Gribble, 19, both of Brookline, were charged with first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder and attempted murder and were ordered held without bail. William Marks, 18, and Quinn Glover, 17, both of Amherst, were charged with burglary, conspiracy to commit burglary and robbery and were ordered held on $500,000 cash bail. Authorities released few details and sealed the affidavits supporting the charges.

Spader is accused of driving the teens to Cates' neighborhood sometime before 4 a.m. Sunday and cutting her with a machete in the head, torso, arms and legs. Gribble is accused of stabbing her with a knife. Both are accused of attacking Cates' daughter. The teens picked the home at random and because it was on an isolated road, but all four knew of the plan to kill whoever was home, Assistant Attorney General William Delker said in court.

"Mr. Glover entered this home knowing that the participants intended to kill the occupants of the home if anyone was present. He entered the home armed with a deadly weapon, the homeowner was killed in her bed, and a young child was seriously injured," Delker said...Two of the teens also were arraigned Tuesday on earlier charges. Marks pleaded not guilty to having marijuana in his car last month; Spader pleaded not guilty to pot possession on the same date.

David Cates flew back to be with his daughter. They moved to Mont Vernon in 2003 to escape this very kind of thing.

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Both Spader and Gribble were sentenced to life in prison. Two accomplices who accompanied them, William Marks and Quinn Glover, were sentenced to 30-60 years and 20-40 years respectively.

Because of the U.S. Supreme Court's Miller v. Alabama 2012 ruling that circumscribed the sentencing of minors to life sentences, both Spader and Gribble were granted resentencing hearings. Apparently content with his life sentence, Spader informed his attorneys during an April 2013 resentencing hearing that he did not want a reduction in sentence, describing himself as "the most sick and twisted person you'll ever meet". He did not appear at the hearing. Ref. Wiki.

3-24-2007 New Hampshire is ranked as one of the nation's safest states in an annual analysis. In a report the Kansas research firm Morgan Quitno Press said New Hampshire is the fourth-safest state. Nevada, New Mexico and Arizona were ranked as the most dangerous states. The safest states were North Dakota, Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire and Wyoming. Morgan Quitno bases it rankings on a formula using crime rates in six crime categories. See banner.

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