Sarah Kreager

9 Black Baltimore Teenagers Attack White Women

by Lewis Loflin

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See Baltimore Schools Another Diversity Failure.

Here we go again, another white victim of the rampant black crime wave. While far-left groups such as the Southern Poverty Law Center is obsessed with "nooses" they ignore daily black on white crime wave. This is a real "hate crime." To their credit, they did list this after I sent them the information.

This has many similarities to the Jena Attack and the Long Beach California Attack where innocent whites are attacked without provocation by gangs of young blacks. (To their credit in both the Baltimore and Long Beach attacks, other blacks attempted to help white victims.)

Update: black City government refuses to press hate crime charges again.

White woman attacked on bus: 9 black youths charged; possible hate crime.

From: December 6, 2007 (extract)

The woman (Sarah Kreager) and her boyfriend boarded the No. 27 bus and tried to find a seat as it traveled through North Baltimore...By the time Maryland Transit Administration police officers reached the bus..(nine black) teens had punched and kicked the woman, dragging her out of the vehicle's rear door and leaving her with broken bones around her eye.

The nine students from Robert Poole Middle School, who are all 14 or 15, are charged as juveniles with aggravated assault and destruction of property. After juvenile hearings yesterday, all were released to their parents, directed to be kept under home detention and told to stay out of school until their next court hearing Jan. 4...

At one point in the Tuesday afternoon attack, police said the teens punched and kicked Kreager, broke down the rear door of the bus and dragged her into the street. The report says she suffered two broken bones in her left eye socket, two deep cuts on the top of her head and other cuts on her neck and back. Her face was bruised and her left eye was swollen shut.

Kreager was taken to Maryland Shock Trauma Center. Her companion, Troy Ennis, also was beaten, police said, but did not require hospital treatment...The bus dispute is the most recent in a series of local fights involving (we assume black) teenagers.

Late last month, a brawl in Edgewood left a man paralyzed after he was assaulted with a baseball bat and kicked by at least six juveniles, according to Harford County sheriff's deputies. A few weeks earlier, city and schools police arrested 22 girls involved in a melee that sent one student to the hospital with minor injuries after a high school football game at M&T Bank Stadium.

Baltimore Bus Beating Being Probed as Hate Crime

December 08, 2007 AP (extract)

A white woman beaten by a group of black students on a bus has prompted a hate-crime investigation...The uproar prompted two leading black politicians to issue statements decrying the attack.

Sarah Kreager, 26, suffered broken facial bones and other injuries after she was punched, kicked and dragged off the bus Tuesday afternoon. Kreager's companion, Troy Ellis, was also attacked, but not beaten as severely.

Kreager has an unlisted phone number and attempts to reach her Friday were unsuccessful. MTA police said evidence has not been found to support claims by the students' parents that the children were provoked.

The attack immediately drew comparisons on talk radio and Internet blogs to the Jena, La. case in which a white student was attacked by a group of black students, leading to demonstrations by black activists who alleged local authorities were prosecuting blacks more harshly than whites. Many callers and web site posters questioned what they considered a lack of outrage over the latest attacks...

MTA Northern District Capt. David Marzola said the middle school students, three females and six males 14 to 15 years old, are also accused of menacing an elderly white passenger and assaulting the bus operator, a black male who defended his passenger.

"He probably saved this gentleman's life," Marzola said. The driver was not identified because he is considered a witness to a crime, the MTA said...However, the attack was the latest in a string of high-profile crimes to have taken place on or near MTA facilities.

Nicole Edwards, 17, was fatally stabbed near a Baltimore light rail station in November, 2006, during an armed robbery of Edwards and her brother. Lataye S. King, 17, was sentenced to 25 years in prison Thursday in the case, and a 15-year-old co-defendant is to be sentenced in February for robbery conspiracy and aggravated assault.

In October, a twice-convicted rapist was accused of attacking a woman at a light rail station in Linthicum. And an MTA officer shot and killed a robbery suspect late last year at a Reisterstown Metro station after police said he pulled a gun.

Woman Attacked On Bus Placed In Witness Protection

BALTIMORE (WJZ/AP) Dec 8, 2007

Investigators are learning more as days go by in what police believe to be a possible hate crime. Saturday morning leaves a lot of pointing fingers, a woman was attacked on a bus causing severe facial injuries and a group of teens say the woman started the confrontation. Sarah Kreager says she did not spit on or use racial slurs toward nine middle school students charged in the attack. Kathryn Brown reports, bus riders are demanding more security.

The customers say security lapses start with deserted, poorly lit bus stops and continue right up to the bus ride itself. Sarah Kreager's face won't ever be exactly the same after a group of teenagers attacked her on a city bus breaking several bones in her face. The beating caused severe bruising as well as head and neck injuries.

Transit officials call it an unprovoked attack, and police are now investigating it as a possible hate crime. The suspects are African American and Kreager is white. "When these juveniles came in, several indicated, 'That's my seat'. She got up and went to another seat.

They said, 'That one's my seat'. Finally when she stayed in her seat is when they began assaulting her," said a transit worker. Daily bus riders like Beverly Scast and many more say teenagers that board city buses from Robert Poole Middle School are frequently unruly and rowdy. "It's ridiculous. It's ridiculous because they're loud, they're obnoxious," said daily bus rider Ed Baker.

Sarah Kreager says she does not think she did anything to antagonize the students. Kreager, who is white, says she thinks race was a factor but feels the incident escalated because of peer pressure among the students, who are black. "Young people have to realize that they have to respect individuals...this was uncalled for," said Dixon.

Many bus riders say they don't feel safe on buses, that security is a big issue. "We need more security; we really do," said bus rider Crystal Fraction. "Because the buses are crowded, especially when the school kids get off. The people who work can't even get on the bus," said bus rider Linder Hunter.

The recent attack, some say, points out the need for change. In the mean time, they're changing their own habits. "I'm very cautious. I make sure that I'm sitting next to someone that seems safe anyway," said Scast.

The Transit Administration is pledging to add more police to school runs. As of now, eight teens have been arrested and charged in the beating. All are 14 or 15. They've also been banned from city buses and suspended from school. Kreager has been put into the program because officials say they are concerned for her safety.

2007 CBS Broadcasting Inc.

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