Jim Bakker Asteroid will make Y2K look like Sunday picnic

Associated Press 1999

VENTURA, Calif. - Forget the Y2K crisis. Jim Bakker has darker fears. The former televangelist warned that an apocalypse is fast approaching, predicting an asteroid will crash into Earth and h1ock out the sun and moon.

"Y2K is going to be a Sunday picnic compared to what else is going to happen," said Bakker, referring to the worldwide software glitch that threatens computers on Jan. 1, 2000. "All I say is don't fall in love with this world," Bakker told an overflowing crowd Sunday at the Solid Rock Christian Center.

Purging Politically Incorrect Jews

This is a problem of no laughing matter. The following are from Dr. Stephen Steinlight in 2009:

..."Progress by Pesach" (Pesach is the Hebrew name for Passover), the counterfeit "civil rights" campaign for illegal aliens, aimed at achieving citizenship for 11-12 million who have repeatedly mocked the rule of law and stolen employment from unemployed and working Americans as the economy hemorrhages jobs, reducing wages and worsening working conditions for the nation's most vulnerable citizens and legal residents while bloating the profits of its worst exploiters.

The campaign also seeks an exponential increase in immigration, a disastrous policy for all Americans and one that particularly threatens Americans who are Jews...

Gideon Aronoff, chief strategist of Progress by Pesach, preceded the campaign with a purge, targeting anyone opposed to its goals, especially those perceived as persuasive political opponents. Opponents, or rather "enemies" in the Manichean worldview of its leaders, have been the victims of attempted character assassination, assertions of guilt by falsely alleged association, and baseless charges of racism and nativism.

The vilification of dissidents was and will remain the responsibility of Gideon Aronoff, President and CEO of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS), "point man" in the Jewish Establishment on immigration, and recently appointed Chair of the National Immigration Forum (NIF), the leading umbrella organization in the country pushing for open-borders immigration and amnesty for illegal aliens.

Aronoff's actions likely represent an attempt to ingratiate himself with the more extreme factions within NIF, including Occidentalist racial and ethnic identity groups, several of which, like NIF itself, are creatures of the Ford Foundation, and all of which are little cadres; none is a mass membership organization. This ilk advocates the most balkanizing variety of multiculturalism, one that denies the existence of America or American culture.

America (or, perhaps better, "Amerika") is seen as nothing more than an assemblage of aggrieved diaspora communities, and they support open-borders immigration and the surrender of U.S. sovereignty as deserved punishments for American hegemony. I'm familiar with their worldview from first-hand experience; I've heard them rant unguardedly.

The American Jewish Committee (AJC) belongs to this coalition, and during my years as its Director of National Affairs I attended NIF meetings as AJC's representative. I served in many different coalitions in those years:

This is the one I detested. Such is NIF's culture that among the more "mainstream" figures long associated with it is Jeanne Butterfield, longtime executive director of the American Immigrant Lawyer's Association, and former executive director of the Palestine Solidarity Committee, a political arm of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

Partnering with Aronoff in the purge is the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), the nation's leading enforcer of political correctness "by any means necessary," but chiefly by "attack dog research" whose hallmark is not accuracy but the capacity to smear the reputation of opponents through the repetition of scurrilous charges. Its working definition of "hate speech" is broad enough to encompass the espousal of almost any position with which it strongly disagrees.

To give the devil its due, it's certainly made a profitable business of it. The chief tactic HIAS has employed in its McCarthyite campaign is sending poison pen e-mails. The first - the :secret" poison e-mail - signed by Roberta Elliot Wantman, HIAS's VP for Communications and Media, was sent to the editors of hundreds of Jewish newspapers prefaced with the bolded phrase "Not for Publication" warning them not to accept op-eds opposing "Progress by Pesach," especially none that might come from my think tank, the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), and me.

A follow-up e-mail, signed by Aronoff, provides a link to SPLC's smear. The personal assault pales in significance set against its larger objective: extinguishing freedom of expression and freedom of the press in the Jewish community. Aronoff also sent poison pen e-mails to Jewish organizations I've addressed, intended to stifle my freedom of speech through slander.

Borrowing language reminiscent of paranoid allegations of ubiquitous "communist conspiracies" in the 1950s, he has characterized my speaking engagements at some 160 Jewish religious institutions and secular organizations, where my remarks have been received with overwhelming enthusiasm and solid agreement, as "attempts to penetrate the Jewish community," (his community, not mine). "Penetrating?"

Having spent three years as Vice President of the National Conference of Christians and Jews (NCCJ), two years as Director of Education for the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council, and nearly eight years as Director of National Affairs (domestic policy) and Senior Fellow at the American Jewish Committee (AJC) it is fair to say I'm a community insider. I grew up in the bosom of the Conservative Movement.

For 10 summers I attended its Hebrew-speaking Zionist summer camp, Camp Ramah, starting out in Bunk 1 in its Connecticut camp and ending up leading canoe trips in Camp Ramah, Canada. Before my freshman year at Columbia College, I had also spent two summers working on a kibbutz in Israel. I retain continuing, warm and respectful relationships with many prominent figures in the organized Jewish world, American-Jewish public intellectuals and writers, the clergy, and local community leaders.

Politically Correct McCarthyism

Aronoff describes CIS and me as "white supremacists." The obscene accusation would be comical except for its extreme ugliness. It will also shock David Duke, who seems obsessed with the evil Jew Steinlight; he frequently quotes me and describes me, preposterously to be sure, as "one of the leading Jews in America."

Aronoff's false allegations are meant to cast a shadow over the work of a lifetime dedicated to promoting racial justice, minority rights, and comity. As Director of National Affairs at AJC, some of the highpoints of my "white supremacist" career included: founding and serving as Senior Advisor to the critically-acclaimed common Quest:

The Magazine of Black/Jewish Relations partnered with Howard University; working closely with Wade Henderson of the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund; meeting regularly with the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights; taking part in the Ford Foundation's "Conversations on Race;" playing a key role in defeating Houston's Proposition A that would have ended affirmative action in city contracts; setting up the first leadership meetings with Hispanic and Jewish leaders to seek common ground; and directing the first publication on Latino/Jewish relations.

Prior to joining AJC, I was Vice President of the National Conference of Christians and Jews (NCCJ) whose "white supremacist" mission is fighting "bias, bigotry, and racism and promoting positive inter-religious relations." (It was the result of my insistent lobbying that NCCJ's board added the word "racism" to its mission statement.)

At NCCJ, my agenda included a strong focus on issues affecting Native Americans, particularly media treatment; meeting with police chiefs across the country to promote adoption of community-oriented policing; overseeing the development of its "Workplace Diversity Network;" re-designing significant elements of its signature anti-bias residential youth program Camp Anytown; coordinating the first global inter-religious dialogues involving Muslim scholars, primarily key dissident "freethinkers" (meetings were held in England, Germany, and Jerusalem); and producing the largest survey of intergroup attitudes ever undertaken in America, Taking America's Pulse.

After leaving AJC, my supposed contributions to bigotry were rewarded by my selection by the Soros Open Society Institute and the United States Institute for Peace to go to Macedonia to help maintain the ceasefire in its civil war by bringing together Orthodox Christian and Muslim leadership and seeking changes in its constitution to better protect the rights of minority Muslims.

I participated in meetings involving Macedonia's president, his key advisors, and Orthodox and Islamic religious leaders. Before joining CIS I further exhibited "white supremacist" beliefs as executive director of the American Anti-Slavery Group that seeks to enlighten American public opinion about the persistence of chattel slavery in Sudan and Mauritania, aids in slave rescue, supports refugees from Sudanese slavery in camps in Chad, and seeks to focus attention on the enormity of global trafficking.

Though David Duke may consider me one of the most dangerous Jews in America, that signal honor belongs to Gideon Aronoff. The danger Aronoff represents, however, is not to bigots like Duke but to the basic decency and moral and intellectual integrity of the American-Jewish community; to exercising the freedoms guaranteed in the First Amendment; to independent-minded Americans who are Jews; and to the most economically and socially vulnerable of our fellow citizens for whom he apparently cares nothing.

Illegal aliens that stole across the border last night are dearer to him and more deserving of his moral sympathy and advocacy than are our 14-16 million unemployed or the working poor in the African-American community, who are our fellow citizens with 300 years of history in this country, a great many of them tragic and purgatorial, or the hard-pressed seasonal rural workers of America's economically depressed farm country; or our impoverished elderly who still must work; or our young people with no more than a high school education seeking their first jobs.

No 'Progress by Pesach': The Jewish Establishment's Usurpation of American-Jewish Opinion on Immigration By Stephen Steinlight August 2009

Extract http://www.cis.org/node/1360.