John Nelson Darby
John Neslon Darby
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Sullivan County, Tennessee Strip Bars Wars Update for 2002

Seems that Washington County, Tennessee and Nashville have gotten into putting "sin" out of business at the behest of Bible-thumping fundamentalists. True, adult bars aren't family oriented but that isn't the problem. They are legal as defined by law but public officials abuse the law to break the law. Most worrisome is this tactic being to shut down anything the local government or those in power think will threaten them. By using licensing and zoning ordinances and claims of safety or nuisance laws, they can shut even legal businesses. No matter how many loops one jumps through, that "adult entertainment" permits will never be issued.

In Bristol, Tennessee this tactic was used to stop people selling race tickets even when they had a business license and paid taxes. This was at the behest of Bristol Motor Speedway. In Wytheville, Virginia and elsewhere, it's being used to shutdown peddlers and flea markets. This is to protect local merchants (their friends) from competition. And most absurd of all is in Pound; Virginia where it's being used to shutdown a country-music dance hall because a local church claims dancing is a sin.

Oddly crime went up in Sullivan County after our two local strip bars, the Show Palace and Bottoms Up were run out of business. Crime had nothing to do with this. Local leaders said publicly "we will put them out of business" and did just that by making the regulations impossible to comply with. The corrupt Tennessee Courts went along. Who will be next and where does it end? Deal with real crime, not regulating the personal affairs of law-abiding citizens.

Update for 2008: all appeals have failed and the local laws have been upheld.