Immigrant welfare use varies by national origin.
Immigrant welfare use varies by national origin allowing liberals
to exploit-maintain a permanent welfare class.

High Cost of Immigrant Housekeepers

By Lewis Loflin

Dana Milbank wrote an op-ed piece focusing on an immigrant housekeeper and shortfalls of Obamacare mental health coverage another cost of immigrant housekeepers.

Low-skilled immigrants benefiting the rich are devastating taxpayers and native born African American workers.

Isabella is a naturalized US citizen certainly Hispanic living in the Washington DC area. Low skill immigrants are welfare magnets. The Center for Immigration Studies notes they stay on welfare for life with or without children. Hispanics exceed African Americans for unwed motherhood exploding those costs exponentially.

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Isabella displaces African Americans out of the labor force leading to their welfare costs.

Immigrant demographics are a direct indicator of welfare use be it legal or illegal immigrant households. Welfare as defined here is food, housing, Medicaid, and SSI.

The Center for Immigration Studies notes that 73% of immigrants from Central America-Mexico are on welfare. 51% from the Caribbean, and 48% from Africa, 41% from South America, and 32% of immigrants from East Asia.

26% of European immigrants and 17% of South Asian immigrants are on welfare. For native born Americans the overall rate is 30%, whites at 20%. Clearly we should exclude immigration outside Europe and South Asia. This should include a ban on all Muslim immigration as shown by an immigrant Muslim women that murdered 14 people in San Bernardino, California. None of the people have a right to come here.

The New York Times notes 4.3 million elderly immigrants are on welfare largely SSI, etc. Under family reunification Isabella can sponsor her parents and extended family putting them on welfare.

Reference: "Invisible Immigrants, Old and Left with Nobody to Talk To" August 31, 2009.

We should clearly end family reunification and force families that sponsored relatives to support them. 30% of immigrant households with no children also collect welfare as is 51% of immigrant households even with one worker.

Regarding the mental health issues of this particular housekeeper she could easily hunt down a disability lawyer and collect SSI with associated government benefits.

Wealthy Washington DC and Montgomery County Maryland are sanctuary communities swamped with low-wage immigrant workers. Their schools are dominated by low-achieving black and Hispanic students lagging far behind Asian and white students. Whites continue to flee - add the cost of bilingual teachers.

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Time to end most immigration including restricting family reunification and immigration from high welfare use or security risk regions.

Ref. Bristol Herald Courier A8 Nov. 29, 2015.