Leonard Pitts Still Whining about Emmett Till

by Lewis Loflin

May 18, 2011 Leonard Pitts Jr. talks about his adventures on a modern "freedom ride." The center of this piece is the movie "The Murder of Emmett Till," a PBS documentary on the savage 1955 lynching of a black boy in the town of Money, Miss. It was an event that occurred over a half century ago and in his view needs to be constantly thrown in everyone's face today.

In his mind every white ever born is responsible for Emmett Till's death even if they weren't even born. He is a Cultural Marxist and a follower of Critical Race Theory the New Nazism.

Pitts is totally dismissive of the far more common and more heinous attacks on whites today such as the rape. murder, and torture of a white couple in Knoxville by a pack of feral blacks. His comment was, "cry me a river." The Bristol Herald Courier the great scion of political correctness in our community constantly prints Pitts' racist ramblings. The letter below was sent in response to his diatribe and wasn't printed due to political correctness. This goes on every day and is edged on by people such as Pitts.

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Letter to the editor:

In regards to the article on the murder of Emmett Till (May 18), I'd hang those guilty myself or anyone else committing such a crime regardless of race.

How about racist Leonard Pitts still whining about something that happened before I was born (in 1957), yet cries racism when citizens question the tens of thousands of rapes, assaults, murders, etc. committed by blacks every year against white people? That is an every day event.

He derided the protests over the recent racial killings by five blacks of a white couple in Knoxville, yet obsesses over an event over half a century ago?

Yes I will dismiss this case just as I dismiss the Irish potato famine or other events that occurred decades or centuries ago I had nothing to do with. I'm worried about today, not eternal victim hood for people like Pitts who has far more advantages than many of us will ever have.

It's about time to say enough to the black victim hood industry. Billions in welfare, millions of violent crimes, race quotas, etc. and say enough is enough. What color are the daddies of the 70 percent of black born in fatherless homes?

Their problems are self-inflicted and I'm tired of struggling to earn a living while the race hustlers demand more free stuff for those that don't deserve it.

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See Black Shooting Spree in Chicago. But who really cares how many little black kids get shot? Let's return to our continuing vigil of Trayvon Martin's hamster to get its feelings on white racism.

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