Shafia Murder victims
Victims of Muslim Honor and Political Correctness.

Dealing with Muslim Family Terrorism in Canada

by Lewis Loflin

Ruth Dudley Edwards calls the abuse of women and girls under Sharia Law 'domestic terrorism' or as I call it 'family terrorism.'" She noted, "In the UK last year (2011), there were 2,823 victims of 'honor-based' violence, a figure revealed by (limited) UK police statistics for 2011 obtained by the Iranian and Kurdish Women's Rights Organization through a freedom of information request: about a dozen killings happen every year." That's just the ones that have been reported.

She noted rightly that 'honor killings' and related crimes are not simple cases of domestic abuse which often includes just a single spouse, usually a man. Sharia based 'honor' crimes involve the entire family working collectively. That's what makes this so fatal. Another factor is deluded multiculturalism and the refusal to recognize these crimes are based on religion and culture.

Liberals and other Islamist' sympathizers constantly lump honor killings/violence into domestic violence just as they do illegal aliens with legal immigrants in order to side-track the real issue. And what I call 'family honor violence' does happen with other groups from primitive third-world cultures and religions. (Hindus, Sikhs and the occasional Christian.) The problem is still 90 percent plus a Muslim problem.

Case in point was a wealthy Afghan Mohammad Shafia. He got to immigrate to Canada for his money while the Canadian government and social workers looked the other way at what was going on in his household. He had two wives and lied to get one in as a cousin. His first wife Rona was more or less a maid, while his second wife Tooba was a baby machine that popped him seven kids.

Mohammad, Tooba, and their oldest son Hamed were convicted in a Canadian court of murdering in June 2009, Rona, 52, and her three step-daughters Zainab, 19, Sahar, 17, and Geeti, 13 by drowning. His family in Afghanistan voiced support for the killings to avenge 'dishonor' to the family. Phone recordings of Mohammad in regards to the victims after the murders were vile to say the least.

What was the crime that so 'dishonored' this family they murdered four people? Sahar dared to wear Western cloths and had a Christian boy friend. Under Muslim Law a Muslim women is barred from marriage or relationship with a non-Muslim under penalty of death. The girls had gone to social workers and one had even went to woman's shelter.

Yet officials refused to intervene and address the fact culture and religion was behind this abuse. Political correctness killed these four women. This has been a problem in many Western countries blinded by irrational multiculturalism and political correctness. Another case in Britain again makes this point.

The judge, as he sentenced the three Shafias to a minimum of 25 years each, didn't temper his words: "It is difficult to conceive of a more despicable, more heinous crime ... the apparent reason behind these cold-blooded, shameful murders was that the four completely innocent victims offended your completely twisted concept of honour ... that has absolutely no place in any civilized society."

To quote Ruth, "It's as simple as that. Forget cultural sensitivities. There are no excuses for domestic terrorism." Amen.

In conclusion it's time to end being 'sensitive' to every violent alien culture we let immigrate into Western nations. We must be sensitive to the civil rights and safety of those individuals wishing to escape these kind of violent and backward belief systems. That mean zero tolerance of Sharia Law, polygamy (not just Muslims but Mormons, etc.), arranged and forced marriages, marriage to underage girls, and no compromise in woman's rights in general. (Where the hell are the radical feminists in all of this except when promoting lesbianism?)

No more tolerance of threats from Muslims or anyone else when we question their religion or practices. Criticism and examination of Islam is not a hate crime, but the constant threats of violence against those that do is a hate crime. Individual liberty, free speech, and personal rights trumps political correctness.

Ref. February 05 2012

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