Brandon Salomon of Kingsport
Brandon Salomon of Kingsport

Kingsport Shooting Incident Results in Additional Felony Drug Charges

DATE: May 6, 2014 Brandon Salomon of Kingsport faces a number of charges related to illegal drugs and a firing a 9mm handgun.

Charge(s) include:
1) Aggravated Assault
2) Felony Reckless Endangerment

3) Possession of over 1/2 Ounce of a Schedule VI Drug (Marijuana) within 1000 feet of a City Park (Borden Park)
4) Maintaining a Dwelling where Narcotics are Used, Stored, or Sold
5) Possession of Unlawful Drug Paraphernalia (Scales and Baggies)

On May 2, 2014 at approximately 3:30 PM, Kingsport Police Patrol Officers responded to a report of shots fired near the intersection of McCoy Street and Virginia Street in the City of Kingsport. Witnesses reported hearing 3 to 5 shots being fired followed by seeing a gold car fleeing the area. Four 9mm shell casings were found in the roadway.

As the investigation progressed over the next couple of days, Brandon Salomon of 1353 East Sevier Avenue in Kingsport was developed as a suspect. Apparently, Mr. Salomon had gone to a residence on McCoy Street to recover a license plate that was still affixed to a vehicle that he had sold the resident. The resident caught Mr. Salomon in the act of removing the tag and confronted him. The resident entered her vehicle, but as she drove away, Mr. Salomon fired several shots at the vehicle. At least one bullet struck the car.

An arrest warrant was obtained, charging Mr. Salomon with Aggravated Assault and Felony Reckless Endangerment. On May 5, 2014 at approximately 4:45 PM, Detectives, assisted by the K.P.D. Directed Patrol Unit, responded to 1353 East Sevier Avenue in an attempt to arrest Mr. Salomon on the outstanding warrant. Mr. Salomon was located and promptly arrested without incident. A subsequent search of his residence netted approximately 3/4 of a pound of Marijuana, over $600 in cash, a loaded SKS 7.62x39mm caliber rifle, and various items commonly utilized to package drugs for distribution.

K.P.D. Vice Detectives responded to the scene to process the evidence and continue the investigation. In addition to the aforementioned charges on the initial incident, Mr. Salomon was charged with Possession of over 1/2 Ounce of a Schedule VI Drug within 1000 feet of a City Park, Maintaining a Dwelling where Narcotics are Used, Stored, or Sold, and Possession of Unlawful Drug Paraphernalia.

The 9mm handgun that was used in the original shooting incident was recovered from a vehicle during an unrelated, although still drug related, traffic stop in Washington County, TN.


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