There's No Gender Pay Gap in Abingdon, Virginia

by Lewis Loflin

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The Bristol Herald Courier goes off on another identity politics tantrum while ignoring the real poverty and problems in the community. Now it's the mythical gender pay gap.

Town of Abingdon Virginia has 275 employees;
170 men - total salaries $3.5 million average $20,588;
105 women - total salaries $1.7 million average $16,190.

Virginia has the 6th highest per capita income of any state in the United States. US per-capita income was $23,975 (2000) and personal per-capita income of $33,671. (2003) Public employment often pays far more than private sector jobs or most State-contracted jobs - by far. In Washington County per capita income is $23,488 and Bristol at $19,700.

Thus Abingdon, the wealthiest community in the region lags far behind the state per capita income of 2000 in 2017-2018. Virginia wealth is highly concentrated in Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads (tied into government spending) and in Abingdon Town Government among top bureaucrats.

In addition mass immigration makes matters even worse by driving down wages on the working poor (benefiting the rich) and putting massive pressure on housing prices, welfare costs, etc. (Benefiting the housing business, rich, government workers, etc.) This has been the greatest transfer of wealth ever seen in history. The press is fixated on race and gender issues and censors the real cost of mass immigration as a factor driving this flow of wealth to the top.

Public officials say they hire by merit, not race, gender, etc. Let's look at what the Bristol Herald Courier that listed the ten highest paid men and women:

1) $140,590 Town Manager (male, bureaucrat) vs. $100,394 for Town Attorney. (female, paper pusher) Not the same job or skill set, thus differing outcomes. Yet they earn 5 & 7 times the town average and far above 90% plus of the local population.

2) $91,406 Police Chief (male, does an actual job) vs. $80,000 (female, assistant town manager, town clerk, paper pusher.)

3) $82,241 Director of IT (male, skilled trade) vs. $70,000 Director Human Resources (female, paper pusher)

4) $80,000 Director of Finance (male, paper pusher, bureaucrat) vs. $67,459 Director Wastewater (female, bureaucrat, possible real skills needed)

5) $78,750 Director Public Services (male, bureaucrat) vs. $62,500 Director of Tourism (female, make-work useless job, bureaucrat)

6) $74,000 Fire Chief (male, real job) vs. $55,000 Co-Director Indoor Recreation (female, make-work useless job, bureaucrat)

7) $72,000 Engineer Co-Director of Planning (male, if actual engineer skilled job, otherwise paper pusher, bureaucrat) vs. $55,000 Co-Director Indoor Recreation (female, make-work useless job, bureaucrat) No, that's not a typo 2 are listed.

8) $71,749 Operation Manager Waste (male, if actual engineer, etc. skilled job, otherwise paper pusher, bureaucrat) vs. $52,850 Lab Supervisor Wolf Creek Reclamation Facility (Female, likely skilled, needed job)

9) $69,335 Police Lt. (male, actual job) vs. $49,246 tax clerk (paper pusher)

10) $68,459 Sewer Main. Supervisor (male, skilled trade) vs. $47,476 paralegal (female, paper pusher, ridiculous salary)

Most women work paper-pusher jobs as do a number of the men, this is where the difference in pay arises. Even the female paralegal earns almost three times the average of male employees. Yet the top jobs are dominated by too many useless make-work jobs for paper pushers and bureaucrats while the public that earns far less than they do is straddled with paying their bloated salaries.

Why do we need so many co-directors of indoor recreation? Of these 20 positions, I'd eliminate at least 12 of them including both top positions.

Because the press is fixated on race and gender they ignore real issues that got Trump elected but prefer to level hatred and personal attacks towards the President - something they never did with Mr. Barak "the Messiah" Obama whose 8 years made matters far worse.

The Supplemental Poverty Measure/Rate (SPM) includes not just income but the cost of living, transfer payments, etc. Virginia, Florida, California (the highest poverty rate at 24%), and most "Blue" (voted for Hillary) states have far higher and the highest real poverty rates. Most "Red" states that voted Trump had far lower real poverty rates.

In other words welfare, etc. was counted as income while the cost of living was subtracted from income, which included medical expenses, taxes, work expenses, etc.

Virginia in 2014 has an SPM of 13.3% while West Virginia has a real poverty rate (SPM) LESS than Virginia at 12.9%. Louisiana at 18.5% is almost tied with New York at 18.1%. Tennessee has an SPM of 15.5% driven in my opinion by a regressive sales tax of 10%, low wages, and high housing costs relative to income.

A high SPM rating also indicates high-income disparity such as that in Virginia with Southwest/Southside and black inner cities vs. Northern Virginia.

Southwest Virginia is more in line with Tennessee for low wage scales and a fairly high cost of living, due mainly to housing costs relative to earned income.

In addition, most government grants that are supposed to create real jobs available to the general public also funds useless nonsense such tourism director, etc.

The real income "gap" is due to differences in skills, types of jobs, etc. Lack of good jobs and the dominance of low pay and downward pressure on wages by globalism, regulations, mass immigration, drug addiction, low levels of adult education, and automation are a witches' brew of problems we must address. It's not about race or gender.

Source: US Census

Ref. "Abingdon Salaries Show Significant Gender Gap" Bristol Herald Courier Oct. 22, 2017.



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