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Environmentalism is Still a Religion

by Lewis Loflin

James Lovelock the father of the Gaia hypothesis has had to backtrack on the hysterical predictions in his 2006 book "The Revenge of Gaia." He also notes that environmentalists have turned this into a religion.

On the subject of alleged human driven climate change shouting "deniers" is silly. Using terms such as "deniers" is something that religious fanatics would say. Skepticism is the proper role of science and questioning an unproven hypotheses of human induced climate change is scientific and not some pseudo-religious denial.

Yet all we get constantly is the opinions of select scientists - the opinions of scientist do not constitute science or empirical proof. In addition these scientists for hire are instructed to limit their evidence to human causes disregarding natural causes - this stacks the deck before we even begin.

It should also be noted most ground based weather monitoring has been abandoned in resent years for less effective satellite monitoring - then they fill in the gaps with guesses and computer generated data.

Computer models do not represent empirical scientific proof either. Trying to prove a hypothesis and spending millions of dollars expecting a desired outcome is completely unethical and violates the scientific method.

This is why their computer models always fail because of the refusal to look at natural causes.

Politicizing science undermines its credibility and it's not as the New York Times claims about "faith in science" - faith is for religion. Science is about data and verifiable scientific proof.

In the March 30, 2014 Dr. Lovelock says, "It's become a religion, and religions don't worry too much about facts."

Dr. Lovelock is an ardent supporter of hydraulic fracturing for shale gas and nuclear power which would go a long ways in solving the carbon dioxide crisis manufactured by the environmental left - but environmentalists won't have any part of it.

The environmental agenda is about socialism and redistribution of wealth and not technology or solving any actual problem. There are a number of extremists among them that believe anything man-made amounts to evil. Louis Pecci wrote the following on Facebook:

"Humans are the worst thing that happened to earth. I hope that we all disappear, so the earth can heal itself. So, please do not stop using your cars, buy every shit that you see and please pollute as much as you can... Do not forget money is your God, and you do anything for it."

Hopefully Louis will commit suicide reducing his carbon dioxide emissions and removing himself from the gene pool. Environmentalists are not monolithic, but far too many if not the majority are driven by ignorance, political agendas, and yes religion.

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